Walking band

by Roger & the Rockets

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This is is our fresh second CD released 2009. It was recorded at Tonteknik Recording in Umeå.


released November 1, 2009

Roger Häggström: All songs and lyrics, lead vocal, Viola da Terra, banjolin, guitars
Mats Byström: Backing vocals, bass, guitars, mandolin, banjo, keyboards
Björn Sohlin: Violin
Pelle Henricsson: Drums, tambourines, shakers, bells and washboard.
Ulf Edlund: Pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar, dobro
Sofia Henricsson: Backing vocals
Eskil Lövström: Trombone



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Track Name: Walking band
Come on down, give me a hand
Join me in the walking band
Bring your friends and a tambourine,
I’ll play the rhythm on the banjolin

We need a fiddle and a saxophone,
and if you got it; a wild trombone
All the jugglers, all the clowns,
please follow the dotted lines

Look out for flying kites,
and people throwing rice
Look ahead and watch your back
Keep your eyes on the track

Follow me up, all the way up
Follow me up to the mountain top

Quit hiding your head in the sand,
join in with the walking band
Where the color of the rainbow rules
Say Hi to the fools with tools
We need a banjo and a good guitar,
without them we wont get far
Bring your beer, your beef and beans
I’ll play the rhythm on the banjolin

Give way for the live-size cats,
and the butlers rolling their hats
Plenty fun for all of us,
and for the rhinoceros
Track Name: Milk & honey
I’m like a clock with the wrong time,
an answer crossed with a red line
I was born on the snowy ice,
a blue eyed blind for blue skies

Always in love but I’m a bore,
I’m the one to close my door
A cold wind is beating me,
and got me down on my knees

But all those lonely nights,
they will be alright
I’ll get satisfied,
when I finally find my land of

Milk & honey
Milk & honey, yeah

Du du du, du du du,
milk & honey

I’m a joker, I’m a clown,
not to funny to be around
I’m a stranger down the hall,
an outsider and a know it all

I’m in love, but I’m a bore,
Once got in but not anymore
A chilling wind is beating me,
and got me down on my knees
Track Name: Got to go
My baby put a lock and a chain
Yeah, my baby put a lock and a chain,
She put on a lock and a chain,
on the door

My baby, she puts me down
Yeah, my baby, she puts me down
She puts me down in her bed,
she wont let me out

But baby, I got to go
Yeah baby, I got to go
Don’t wanna loose my job,
I’m so sorry
But oh, before you let me go
Yeah, before you let me go
I’m gonna’ give you another
kiss, n’ tell you I love you

I’m caught in a lovin’ trap
Yeah, I’m caught
in a lovin’ trap
My baby don’t wanna
chase me, no more

My baby, she makes me lie
Yeah, my baby, she makes me lie
She makes me lie in her bed,
she’s doing me right
Track Name: Wendy
Wendy is a girl,
she’s got a flower
in every curl
of her long black hair
She is everywhere

I can hear her laughing,
with a song, like a bird,
I’ve never heard
I know every word

Come along Wendy
Come along Wendy,
wont you go
Wont you go with me,
high and low

She’s got stars and skies,
she’s got raindrops in her eyes,
she’s got everything
She’s got summer and spring

I wish you were mine
Your pretty lips,
red as wine,
are in my mind,
and I feel fine
Track Name: Crash & burn
Here we are at the end of time,
leaving memories behind
The sound of our song,
will linger when we’re gone

A tree will grow,
when the old one fall
Still the earth will turn
You will crash and burn

You see the future
when it comes,
you know the past when you’re done
The eternal circle of light,
fades away into the night

New will change the old,
turn to ashes or gold
Still the earth will turn
You will crash and burn
Track Name: One United State
A new year a-coming
It’s time to turn the page
It’s time to stop and talk about,
the state of the human race

We’re done with the commies,
they are missed by very few
We’re free and at the liberty
of the red and white and blue

Hallelujah, we’re marching
Hallelujah, ain’t it great?
We’ll all be fine
and the sun will shine,
on one United State

Now Muslims and terrorists,
are fighting for their truth
Well, who can argue with
a bomb with a burning fuse?

They say war is over
Be that as it may
All I know, it’s a lot of
people dying every day

There’s a new year a-coming,
put a smile on your face
You’re part of the party,
keep a steady pace
Track Name: Weather man
Some days I blow my horn,
can’t wait to ride a storm
Next day I’m way down
You see I’m, the weather man,
just like the weather I am

I’m a roller coaster ride,
way below and way up high
Don’t know when I laugh or cry
Could be I’m the weather man,
just like the weather I am

And when rain fall,
time is on hold
When sun shine,
time fly
Track Name: So lonley
Well, you looked so pretty (with a),
suitcase in your hand
On your way to the city,
to find a better man
I’ve been so lonely,
since you walked outta’ my door

Ever since you’ve gone (it’s been),
raining night and day
Now I ain’t got no one,
to chase my worries away
I’ve been so lonely,
since you walked outta’ my door!

Some day I know (that I’ll),
find a girl for me
What every lonesome man needs,
is good company
And I’ve been so lonely,
since you walked out on me

You looked so pretty (with your),
shiny tears in your eyes
But there ain’t no turning,
when you’ve said your good-byes
Well, I’ve been so lonely,
since you walked outta’ my door!

Yes, I’ve been so lonely,
lonely like never before
Track Name: Slow ride
With a speed like a bullet from a shooting gun
It takes the world a year to circle the sun
One year of our lives,
enough time to live and die

The whole world outside
is going on a slow ride

The milky way is on its way
From a Big Bang far away
And with the speed of light,
we’ll travel to the end of time

Almost four billion years,
since life on earth first appeared
Species has come and gone,
we’re not alone
Track Name: Red robed Jesus
The night is black and the snow
is white, kids are laughing
They are making snowball lights,
they never go out of fashion

All the candles are burning now,
we’re down on zero
Time to get out of sight,
and be a holiday hero

The christmas tree is really green, tinsel balls are shining
Angel hair give the candle gleam,
and the needles a silver lining

You can’t go wrong with nursery rhymes, with the
Red robed Jesus
You know that christmas
is a mighty fine time, for the
Red robed Jesus

The snow man is all liquored up,
spicy wine is boiling
He’s drinking from his old tin cup,
while the chimney smoke is coiling

Now the genie is out of the jar,
the wicked witch is melting
When you wish upon a star,
watch out for what you’re getting
Track Name: Come on down
Pretty girl with the long black hair,
take a walk down them stairs
I’ll be watching out for you

I wanna give a little kiss,
all the love that I wont miss
If you would kiss me too

If you come on down,
you’d believe it
If you come on down,
you could feel it

If I lived in paradise,
you’d be the apple of my eye
I would never let you down

I could taste your ruby lips,
and put my arm around your waist
Now wouldn’t that be nice?
Track Name: Maybe
I love the way you smile, baby...
Wanna lead you down the isle, maybe...
Maybe you’re the one
I’ve been longing for, all my life
The one to bear my child,
the one to be my wife

You caught me when I fell, baby...
Threw a dime
in the wishing well, maybe...
Maybe I’m the man,
you’ve been looking for, all this time
The one to keep you warm,
The one to be around

I love the way you sleep, baby...
The way you make me sweet, maybe...
Track Name: Don't feel sorry
Sometimes I’m feeling,
like a book on the shelf
Spending my time, alone with myself
But don’t feel sorry, can’t blame nobody else

The pages I’ve written,
the songs that I’ve sung
Won’t count for nothing,
when the counting is done
But don’t feel sorry, for the troubled one

Stuck in a circle, no beginning, no end
Waiting for a miracle,
to make the circle unbend
But don’t feel sorry, for the lonely man

Don’t feel sorry, I am what I am