Unknown man

by Roger & the Rockets

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released October 1, 2008



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Roger & the Rockets

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Track Name: Educated man
It is true, I'm living on my own
I've never coaxed a woman to my home
Pretty soon, I'll leave this world alone
Lost and lonely written on the stone

It is you, who will be the next in line,
to put a chisel on my broken heart
With the hammer, you will hammer all the night,
’til all the broken pieces comes apart

Yes, you know I am an educated man
You can't count all the books I've read
But I got a long way to go before I'll ever know,
what goes on inside a woman’s head

You know love, is growing old with me,
not worth the attention that is gets
It's my life and I do as I please,
gonna follow my will to the grave

It is true, I'm not a woman’s man,
but I'll always be the master of my fate
For my ways, I got no one else to blame
Not Eve, not the apple, not the snake
Track Name: Out of this place
Sometimes the lull is growing,
the changing wind is gone,
and I don't know where I'm going,
or where I'm coming from

I got darkness on my shoulders,
my heart's a piece of coal,
and the one thing that wont grow older,
is the winter in my soul

I gotta get out of this place,
gotta get out of this place,
Got a hundred ways,
to get out of this place
Put a smile on my face,
and get out of this place
Got a hundred ways,
to get out, get out, out of this place

No, you wont catch me crying,
but I think I'm cursed
Every time that I'm trying,
is the time that I hurt
Well, I know I'm a dreamer,
a stranger to this world
A leaf floating on a river,
the odd one in the herd

Tell me how can I stand it? The shadow passing by...
Tell me where will I find it? The answer to my lie...

Well, I'm longing for the summer,
for the sun to keep me warm
When the chilly cold inside of me,
wont bother me no more...
Track Name: Unknown man
In the lovely month of may,
eighteen hundred ninety eight
There was a wooden coffin made,
by the Busee Brothers paid

Got a permit in my hand
to bury an unknown man

At the county cemetery,
I got work cut out for me
Dig a hole in the ground,
and lay the "pauper" down

On the hill a simple cross,
for a man I never knew
With a name that got lost,
not leaving any clue

No tears to be shed,
no lesson to be learned
No words to be said,
only money to be earned
Track Name: I got hope
Now we hear it in Lebanon,
sounds of exploding bombs
We hear it in Israel, I know it's real

They've got 'em in Palestine,
crossing over the line
Killing innocence, raping common sense

But I got hope, for a better world
I got hope, for every boy and girl
I got hope, I got to believe
I got hope, that's good enough for me

It used to be Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran
Now it's Arabs versus Jews, you kill me, I'll kill you
There must be a common ground, in old Jerusalem town
God would sure be pleased, if we could rest in peace

Now you ask me, what’s the deal?
Tell me how you feel?
We’re hangin’ in a rope,
where do you find the hope?

I’ll tell you, life ain’t fun,
but we can’t quit and run
We’re stuck on earth,
why should we make it worse?
Track Name: Praise the Lord
I've been drunk, I've been cheatin’,
I can't help my wicked ways
All the liqueur I've been drinkin',
keeps me far away from grace

Yes, the love that I've known,
has been raw and never sweet
As a favor bought and sold,
but brothers, don't you weep

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord
For givin' me thirst, an' pretty girls

This ol’ hand is gettin’ weaker,
I’m longing for to rest
You’re welcome Grim Reaper,
take this burden off my chest

I know I won't be foolin',
St. Peter in the skies
Down to hell is where I'm falling,
but brothers, don't you cry

Now I'm waiting for my coffin,
my deed is almost done
Soon my bed will be decaying
in the cold and silent ground

For the women young and old,
for the bottles big and small
For the good times I recall,
I'm grateful for them all!
Track Name: Dead end town
Well, ain’t it great in a small town way,
to love the place where you're born
Each working day gives a hard earned pay
and a future etched in stone
A quiet life, nothing changes,
no surprises, same old faces

I think I'm stuck without grace,
in this place that I call my home
Where time goes pass without a trace
and my original hope is gone
I never dream about tomorrow,
I’m a bow without an arrow

There ain’t no heaven tumblin'
down on this, dead end town

The ones with dreams has moved away
to some pasture way down south
I don't know why I choose to stay,
but I guess I'm doing alright
I never wake up in the morning
expecting to see a second coming

Dead end town, in this dead end town
What comes around goes down, in a dead end town
Track Name: Wedding day
Funny how life turns, how time burns,
how the rosy red will fade
Love, it comes and goes,
just like ebb and flow,
leaving ripples in your face

Now it's all so quiet,
the day past the riot,
when our vows went up in flames
We can't save our souls,
drinking alcohol,
God knowe've seen better days

When the small birds
were singing loud,
under a bright blue sky,
with every cloud blown away

Felt good to be alive,
in the brand new time,
on the wedding day

Our love was grinded down,
on the marital battleground,
exactly how I can not tell
In spite of all the fights,
and all the tears we cried,
I know we wont forget the day
Track Name: Silver & gold
From the day that I met her
I've never felt better
I'm happy and smilin',
laughing and shinin'
But something went missin',
from loving and kissin'
I cry on her shoulder,
every time that I hold her

Silver and gold, mud and clay,
she stole my heart away

She makes me feel fine,
she fits like a rhyme
She's turning my head,
she's warming my bed
But something went missin',
from loving and kissin'
She puts me in disorder,
I feel drunk when I'm sober

If she would be sweeter,
I'd just had to eat her
With the color of her eyes,
I could paint the sea and skies
Yes, something went missin',
from loving and kissin'
Been walking on the border,
from the day that I saw her
Track Name: What a ride
Some men hurts in many ways,
living only lonely days
Other men rise to the top,
gettin' love and all the luck

I got no one by my side,
on this roller coaster ride
I'm not even on the train,
but I'm not going to complain

Oh, what a ride we're in on!
Oh, what a ride we're in on!
From the cradle to the grave
Oh, what a ride we're in on!

Some men knows just what to do,
tellin' lies and sellin' truth
Others don't know what to say,
when to work or when to play

I'm not a clever man,
but this is what I understand
When it's fast it's gonna pass,
and if it's slow it's gonna last

Some men they will never die,
they'll get a place up in the skies
Others die before they're born,
they're only here to weep and moan

I don't care about it all,
if I rise or when I fall
As long as I can see the day,
I know that I am on my way
Track Name: Hardship trail
My sailor bag is ready and packed
It'll take me a month before I'm back

Weep you little rain, wind blow in my sail
I'm going, I'm going down the hardship trail

Dry your tears don't you cry
Say "hello" when you wave goodbye

Storms will abate, waves will break
My love for you will never fade

Love is strong but flesh is weak
Will you be mine next time we meet?
Track Name: When my sweetheart is gone
Breaking down is easy, breaking up is hard
Love's not a good feelin´ when falling apart
Got tears in my water and blood in my wine
A false hearted lover do the lowliest crimes

I'll tune up my guitar,
I'll make me a song
I wont be lonely,
when my sweetheart is gone

She was pretty, forsaken am I
When she done left me,
I thought I would die
She can't touch me, can't hurt me no more
But still I love her more than ever before

I'll play my guitar
I'll sing me a song
I wont be lonely,
when my sweetheart is gone

Now the sky is falling,
I’m soaking in pain
Will be a long time darling
till I meet you again

I'm running out of time,
running out of jokes
Wont be around
when the raven croaks
Track Name: The road
I'm not drivin' no fancy car on my road
I'm not following no star, oh Lord
All I've got is time
to try to find my peace of mind

I've been having a hard time
on the road
Happy times are hard to find
down the road

I've never found no gold on the road
Every trace I found was cold, oh Lord
All I've got is dust,
a broken shovel and a bit of rust

I've never found my love on the road
I'm travellin' alone, oh Lord
Good things went apart
all I got is a bleedin' heart

I'm not drivin' no fast lane on the road
I'm not riding no airplane, oh Lord
I'm walking step by step
and puttin' my feet in every trap
Track Name: Snowy mountain
On the straight and narrow road,
ride is sweet for a troubled soul
Time goes by nice and slow
On the wide open plains,
you're glad when it rains
It makes the green grass grow

Life is a jubilee, but there will always be,
a snowy mountain and a deep blue sea
Whoever you may be, I know you gonna see,
a snowy mountain and a deep blue sea

If the road comes to a halt,
you'd better find a coat.
And good shoes to keep you warm
Then you'll climb that mountain,
never mind the snow,
until you're back on the road

If you're standing by the shore,
you'd better find yourself a boat.
And the way to row
Then you'll pass that ocean
with no fussing and no commotion
and find dry land on your road
Track Name: By the water
Wont you come on down,
we'll have lots of fun,
in the summertime
by the water

Where the sun is free
for you and me,
and the wind is cool
from the water

We can search for shells,
wander down the beach
Buy an ice cream cone,
give the tongue a freeze
Lay in a shadow,
resting for a while
Watching girls,
as they are passing by

Wont you come on down,
we'll have lots of fun,
until the sun goes down
in the water

Watching waves
washing to the shore
Coming late, nobody will scold
Start a fire,
sit around with friends
Have a beer or two,
talking never ends
Track Name: When I'm done
Well, I'm bad when I'm sober,
and I'm good when I'm drunk
Pour me up for another dollar,
gonna leave when I'm done

Tired of working,
tired of living,
I got trouble on my mind
From the morning till the evening,
gonna leave when I'm done

This here road that I'm walking,
takes me far away from home
I don't know where I'm going,
gonna leave when I'm done

Got a chip on my shoulder,
got a chill in my heart
Need a woman when I'm lonely,
gonna leave when I'm done

Yes, I'm bad when I'm sober,
and I'm good when I'm drunk
Pour me up for another dollar,
gonna leave when I'm done
Track Name: Tossing a coin
Well, gather round and listen,
a story I will tell
'Bout a man who used a coin
to guide him on his way
He had two sweethearts,
one was poor and kind,
the other one was rich
with an evil scheming mind

He was tossing a coin
He was tossing a coin
He was tossing a coin
for good luck,
1/ he was not afraid
2/ luck was treating him well
3/ but good luck never stay

He lived in the mountains
right under the sky
in a cabin with children
and his married wife
But life wasn't easy,
he worked like a slave
Is it time to leave
or is it time to stay?

Now, as he grew older
the children moved out
Some went to the east
and some went to the south
But before they left
the family was joined
to choose the way
by the tossing of a coin

Well, one day he stumbled
and fell down in a cave
It was cold and dark
and smelled like a grave
It was dung on the floor
and bats in the roof,
enough to give
the poor man the blues

There were two ways out
of this dungeon-like hole
From one he heard a howling,
from the other a roar
He said to himself;
Now, what shall I do?
Show me the way,
the way I should choose
Track Name: Ride on
Gotta dust my rust, I'll be moving on
So long, so long, oh baby, so long

I say good-bye my love, good-bye sweet home
Now I'm gone, I'm gone, oh baby, I'm gone

Passin' through the cross-roads,
nothing's right for me
Passin' through the cross-roads,
nothing left to see
Ride on, ride on, oh baby, ride on

Gotta dust my rust, roam and ramble this road
For so long, so long, oh baby, so long

So long, so long, oh baby, so long